Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Programme Fit

1.1 Is ASPIRE right for me?

You are perfect for the programme if…

  • You’re ready to do something new, start your own business, become your own boss
  • You want to learn a new set of skills that will help you work in the startup environment
  • You have an idea that you want to get off the ground
  • You have never done anything like this before, and don’t know where to start
  • You’re right at the beginning of your startup
  • You’re so excited about your idea you can’t wait to get started
  • You don’t have an idea but just know you want to create something
  • Want guidance on how to avoid the pitfalls!
  • Want to avoid overspending too early on your business 
  • Want to be part a vibrant community of other people going through the same thing
  • Want to be kept accountable so you make progress!
  • Want to learn from those who have been there and done it before

1.2 Is ASPIRE right for my business idea?

Yes.  What has always separated out Startupbootcamp from other programmes is that we work across sectors and help people with all sorts of ambitions.  From starting a freelancing business to the latest FinTech startup.  We know people around the world invested in building new businesses in every area.  We believe this mix is critical in making any startup more successful.

  1.  Technical Questions 

2.1 How do I reach someone if I have a technical question?

Please email us at and the team will respond to your technical queries. If you need help for your idea or as part of the business building process please reach out to your community manager on slack first of all and they can point you in the right direction 

2.2 How do I reset my password?

  1. Press on the Reset password link on the sign-in screen
  2. Enter the email address of the account
  3. Check your inbox for a password reset email
  4. Click on the link and follow the instructions
  5. Enter a new password
  6. Sign in as usual with the new password

2.3 How does the Dashboard work?

Please see the video here 

2.4 Is my intellectual property safe if I take part in the programme?

Yes.  We ask everyone who joins the programme to agree on the terms and conditions which clearly state that will be legal actions taken in case of intellectual infringement.  

2.5 How long do I have access to the programme?

You will have access to the programme material for 6 months to 1 year (depending on the Service you purchased) from the first day you login. Each week during the programme the new content for that week will be shared with you. Once you have access to it you will be able to continue to review the content throughout the programme. We know that as you will go on your journey you will want to revisit elements of the learning when different things spark for you.

2.6 How do I download my programme content?

The programme will be available online for you to access at any time, and you will be able to download the resources such as templates, reading materials but you will  not be able to download the videos. These are accessed through the learning platform. All resources are the intellectual property of Rainmaking Innovation Ltd trading as ASPIRE.

2.7 Do you take any equity?

No.  This is a learn by doing programme designed to help you to develop the mindset and skills and access the tools and resources to build a business. We provide you with the support to bring your idea to life.  You can use those skills in any way you want or need to in the future.

2.8 How do I get a receipt or an invoice of my payment?

You will be emailed a receipt once you have made payment online.

2.9 What is your refund/cancellation policy?

You can request a full refund up to 14 working days after confirmation that your purchase has been completed, more details are in our terms and conditions.

2.10 Do you provide a proof of enrollment?

If you have completed the programme, but need reimbursement from your company, you can contact us on to provide you with the required documents. 

2.11 Do you offer extensions? What is your policy on deadlines?

The deadlines are intended to help keep you on track, to make sure you are successful in the programme and reach your goals. We think the access to the learning resources for 6 or 12 months should give you a lot of time to absorb the content and apply the learning to your idea and launch a business.

2.12 How do I redeem the AWS credit?

Your community manager will directly introduce teams to a local AWS representative. This person will handle the deal redemption process. This is the same for all of our partner offers.

  1. More Details on the Programme

3.1 What happens during a programme?

We focus on helping you build and accelerate each part of your business over an intense timeframe. You will gain an immense amount of condensed experience through our online digital learning tools and support from a fantastic community.
Each week you will receive emails from the ASPIRE team to make sure you are on track. This is the perfect opportunity for you to apply learning to a real business idea, it isn’t a theoretical programme, rather there are lots of practical elements. 

3.2 Do you know a <insert thing you need here> I can use?

Probably yes.  Someone in the community will most likely have the right answer for you.  Your community manager will help direct you to the right resource or let you know how to access additional mentorship which might be needed to get you to the right solution. 

3.3 What can you guarantee I will receive from the programme?

You will receive access to world class learning resources – including video content, reading materials, templates and case studies. Plus a community of other people going through the same experience as you to learn and share from. You will also receive access to our Community Managers who are all experienced in helping you to grow your idea. We can guarantee that by the end of the programme you will have received access to the skills you need to launch a business and that these skills can be applied to your own new company or set you up to join another startup business or allow you to have a new way of thinking and approaching tasks should you decide starting a company isn’t for you and you’d like to go back to a larger organisation – so regardless of where you want to take your future ASPIRE will equip you with valuable skills.

3.4 What about Revenue??

Part of the programme content will help you with your customer validations, targeting and selling skills. So, by the end of the programme, when you are ready to launch your business, you will have all the skills and tools you need to start generating revenue. You will also have your alumni peer community to share resources, best practices and brainstorm with you new revenue streams.

3.5 How do I know you know what you’re talking about?

Our team have been heavily involved in supporting people launch new businesses for more than 100 years collectively! Check out both Startupbootcamp and Rainmaking.  Our statistics really speak for themselves.  We make sure that we bring people together who have been exactly where you are – starting out.  We’ve done it, we know how tough it is and we also know how to drive success. Check our Alumni Spotlight here for some inspiration.

3.6 What happens if I can’t attend the scheduled workshop?

We hold you accountable for working the programme.  Each week by email you’ll be given some insight as to how best approach that week’s activities. But we can only guide you, you ultimately have to do the work.  If you miss a session, then you need to watch the recording or make it up.  

We understand that sometimes life gets in the way, and the programme is designed to give you as much flexibility to work it as your main day activity or even in the evenings if you are still working.  But we can’t stop or pause the programme, so you’ll have to double up and catch up.

3.7 Who are your coaches?

We are incredibly proud of our network of coaches.  We have people around the world who have worked with us and we continue to expand our network every time a new partner or corporate joins us.

3.8 I have booked on to the Digital only programme – can I get access to workshops & coaching

Yes! You can either upgrade from ASPIRE Digital to ASPIRE Live – which includes weekly group workshops (virtual) and this is at an extra cost of £75 per week remaining in the programme Please contact to make this happen.

3.9 How can I book a session with a coach or mentor?

If you have signed up for our Live course you are also able to book 1:1 sessions with a coach  (an experienced entrepreneur who can help guide you and provide feedback on your business, suggest next steps and areas to watch out for) or mentor (subject matter expert). This is at an additional cost of £100 per hour-long session. Please contact to arrange the session.

If you have signed up for our ASPIRE programme you will be able to book a session with the coach via the Dashboard in “Coach & Mentor Timeslots”

3.10 What is the difference between a Coach and a Mentor?

Our coaches are experienced entrepreneurs and facilitators – having worked with dozens of people in launching new ventures. Their experience spans all elements of building a new company

Our mentors are subject matter experts – these people have deep knowledge on a specific area of business, for example , marketing, or sales or customer experience

3.11 Do I have to have a team to join?

Not at all, we are here to support every one. Whether you are looking to be a freelancer, wanting to start building that business idea you have always had or a founder who has a solid idea and a team already and looking to develop it. You will have the opportunity to engage with other people on the programme to share the learning journey together. We have also seen this lead to people deciding to join forces and set up a business together. There are lots of possibilities! 

3.12 Do you only deliver the programme in English?

Right now the programme only runs in English but we are looking to extend to other languages shortly including Arabic, French, Spanish & Mandarine. Let us know if you have a preference

  1. Post Programme

4.1 What happens after the programme?

 Upon your completion of the programme, we will add you to our global Alumni Network, we have a slack group to connect our alumni globally, we encourage them to exchange best practices, work together and have peer support. We also continue to support our alumni through the years, offering access to exclusive events, and deals to help your business grow.

4.2 Do you help us access Funding?

We will help you refine your pitch to reach the perfect elevator pitch for VCs and help you with resources for grants. However if you would like to have direct access to our network of early stage investors, we can help you with that at additional cost.

4.3 Do I get a certificate after I complete the programme? Is the programme accredited?

Yes, we will provide you with a certificate of completion upon finishing the programme. The programme is currently being accredited by the CPD.

4.4 What is the alumni network?

Upon completion of the programme we will add you to our Alumni network, where you will receive offers, discounts and intros to different cool stuff around the world. Our alumni network is widely spread across the globe and can help you in anything. We believe that the alumni network will be a source of growth and support for all of our alumni globally. 

4.6 How do I give feedback about the programme?

You will receive a programme evaluation once you finish the programme. If you have feedback regarding the programme or your experience during the programme, whether it’s related to the content, mentors, coaches, or else, please send us on and we will address it directly. 

4.7 What Policies do you have in place?

Please visit “Our Work Ethics” page under “About Us” to see our Policies and how everyone at ASPIRE is working to support you in the best way we can. Here you will find our Communicating with our Community, Health & Safety, Discrimination & Inclusion Policies and our Complaints Procedure (which we hope you’ll not need!) 

We wish you the best of luck on your next step to building your business!